Welcome to 25acres Pizza Pasta Cafe

Welcome to 25acres Pizza Pasta Cafe

Welcome to 25acres Pizza Pasta CafeWelcome to 25acres Pizza Pasta Cafe


medecins sans frontieres


Medecins sans frontiers translates to 'Doctors without borders'. They provide medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care.in countries without the infrastructure or expertise to deal with outbreaks and other emergencies. 

lucky little paws


Lucky Little Paws Animal Shelter Incorporated rescues and rehomes stray, unwanted, abused and abandoned Located in Peterhead, South Australia, they are more of a sanctuary than a shelter, offering a safe, warm, and loving environment for cats that are otherwise deemed “not rehomable”.Many cats are wrongly labelled “feral”, and in many shelters they are euthanised for this label. LLP find mostly they are just scared and un-trusting of humans. LLP have rehomed many that on first appearance look extremely unfriendly, however these cats tend to become the most loving and thankful out of all. LLP does not disciminate, all cats are worthy of a home in their eyes.